High Level Photography and Photogrammetry

An Iron Age roundhouse with an associated enclosure taken during an excavation using our high-level photography equipment. © Copyright ARS Ltd 2018
Our high-level photography equipment in action. © Copyright ARS Ltd 2018
An image of a carved stone cross shaft created using photogrammetry. © Copyright ARS Ltd 2018

Photogrammetry is the art and science of obtaining reliable measurements by means of images. ARS Ltd can now produce 3-Dimensional images from 2-Dimensional image sequences by photogrammetrically processing the images using specialist software. The image on the left shows a decorated Anglo-Scandinavian cross shaft from the parish Church in Bakewell, Derbyshire. 2-Dimensional photogrammetric recording of building elevations can provide a more accurate and less expensive method for producing a drawn building record than a traditional field drawing.

ARS Ltd can also produce striking high level photographs by using our in-house pneumatic telescopic mast, remote shooting software and digital camera equipment.

These images can be used to enhance the documentation of archaeological sites and historic buildings and can also prove very useful for promoting sites and giving our clients good visual images to publicise their development and underscore their sustainable credentials to a wide audience. Our high level photographs can also be used in publications and for marketing purposes.

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