© Copyright ARS Ltd 2018
© Copyright ARS Ltd 2018

ARS Ltd carries out borehole and auger surveys to investigate buried soils and sediments, permitting the reconstruction of past landscapes and landscape change. Geoarchaeological investigation can be used as a method of archaeological evaluation as well as geoarchaeological deposit modelling to map buried landscapes and deposits. These works provide a rapid and cost effective method for assessing archaeological potential in advance of development. Geoarchaeological investigation is ideally suited to locations where soil and sediment sequences may be waterlogged or deeply buried such as coastal or estuarine environments. At ARS Ltd our geoarchaeological services include:

  • Advice on all aspects of geoarchaeological work
  • All types of field survey and sampling including boreholes and sediment cores
  • Borehole monitoring
  • Logging and interpretation of stratigraphic cores
  • Reconstruction of past landscapes and environments
  • Integration of geoarchaeological data with other palaeoenvironmental data
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