Archaeological Research Services has teamed up with EcoNorth to provide our clients with a one stop shop for all archaeological and ecological services. Please contact us using the links at the top of the page for more information and we look forward to being of assistance.

© Copyright EcoNorth 2018
© Copyright EcoNorth 2018

EcoNorth is an award winning ecological consultancy who believes in delivering pragmatic solutions to their clients. Working closely with the full spectrum of commercial clients we provide ecology surveys, assessments, information, advice and guidance regarding wildlife and their habitats for both development and conservation projects throughout the UK and Ireland (the latter through our branch EcoÉireann). We also employ our own highly qualified Arborist who delivers a wide range of arboricultural services.

Many of our clients require consultants from a variety of disciplines when developing and delivering their projects, which can be costly and time intensive. Having identified a need amongst our clients ARS Ltd and EcoNorth are keen to provide a one-stop service for these two important disciplines. This partnership approach enables us to add value to our service and provide our clients with:

  • access to both services through a single trustworthy point of contact
  • efficient and cost-effective delivery through smart resource planning and integrated programming
  • innovative solutions for projects that together add value and support sustainable development
  • reconciliation of any ecological-archaeological conflicts, identification of opportunities and avoidance of unwelcome surprises or delays
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