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Lanton Quarry


Welcome to the Lanton Quarry archaeology homepage

A view across Lanton Quarry towards the Cheviot Hills
A winter view across Lanton Quarry after removal of the ploughsoil. Yeavering Bell, the highest of the Cheviot peaks fringing the Milfield Basin, is in the background


This website tells the story of the exciting archaeological remains discovered at Tarmac's Lanton Quarry and the important new insights they have provided on Britain's past. The quarry is worked for the high quality sand and gravel only available in this part of Northumberland and these are used in a wide variety of applications to sustain our modern lifestyles and infrastructure.

Between 2003 and 2009 ARS Ltd. carried out archaeological fieldwork at the site that aimed to record the surviving artefacts and structural remains, mostly as buried features cut into the sand and gravel and artefacts scatters within the overlying ploughsoil. The large quantity of information that has been gathered so far is telling us in incredible detail how people lived in the past and how they would have exploited the landscape.

This website provides information on how the excavations were carried out and what they can tell us about our ancestors.




Location map of Lanton Quarry


Read more about Tarmac's positive impact on the environment in Tarmac's Annual Sustainability Report.



Fragments of a Neolithic bowl after pieces have been reassembled
A polychrome glass bead found at Lanton Quarry dating from the Anglo-Saxon period
A metal hook as it was found on site and as it appeared after being x-rayed