Latest Publication on Whirlow Hall Farm and the early Roman frontier…..

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A small group of the many volunteers who helped at Whirlow Hall Farm.
© Copyright ARS Ltd 2020

ARS Ltd has recently had an article published in ‘Transactions of the Hunter Archaeological Society’ on an ongoing archaeological project carried out at the charity ‘Whirlow Hall Farm’, Sheffield, between 2011 and 2017. The excavations involved The Time Travellers archaeology group, local volunteers and school children, and was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Archaeological Research Services, together with some input from the University of Sheffield. The project has involved over 175 volunteers and over 250 primary school children across a range of activities including building recording, archival research, fieldwalking, test pitting, geophysical survey, geochemical survey and excavation.

Despite there being no previously known archaeological remains on the Whirlow Hall Farm site, the project has unearthed a very rich and varied past spanning the Mesolithic through to the medieval periods. The article, which appears in the Volume 29 of the journal, documents the excavations and sets the discoveries in the context of the early Roman frontier in Britain and the significance of the Whirlow site in terms of its geographic location hard-up against this ancient frontier area. More information about the project and access to the archive reports can be found here.

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