Managing Director Clive on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Open Country’

The half-eroded Bronze Age burial cairn at Low Hauxley. © Copyright ARS Ltd 2020
Volunteers excavating a Mesolithic hut scoop at Low Hauxley. © Copyright ARS Ltd 2020
A short-necked Bronze Age beaker found intact within one of the burial cists from within the cairn at Low Hauxley. © Copyright ARS Ltd 2020

On Thursday (12th November) at 3pm our MD, Clive Waddington, will be making another appearance on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Open Country’ programme. This time Clive will be discussing how Britain became an island due to the combined impacts of the ‘8.2 ka event’ and the ‘Storegga Slide Tsunami’, which eventually cut Britain off from the continent. For more information about the show and to ‘listen again’, please click here.

Please click here to read ‘Resilience or wipe out? Evaluating the convergent impacts of the 8.2 ka event and Storegga tsunami on the Mesolithic of northeast Britian’ (Waddington and Wicks 2017).

You can listen again to the previous episode of ‘Open Country’, where Clive briefly discusses the multi-period archaeological remains excavated at Low Hauxley in 2013 and 2014, by clicking here.

To find out more about the Rescued from the Sea Project please click here.

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