Evidence of Romano-British settlement found at Asheldham Quarry

Pit containing sea shells including oysters, clams and winkles. © Copyright ARS Ltd 2020
One of the Romano-British gullies. © Copyright ARS Ltd 2020
Remains of one of the plough damaged cremation urns during cleaning. © Copyright ARS Ltd 2020

ARS Ltd recently carried out an open area excavation at Asheldham Quarry in Essex for G. & B. Finch Ltd. Working to deadlines to assist with their landtake programme, we excavated an area covering 0.5 hectare and revealed evidence of a Romano-British field system with multiple ditches and gullies, as well as three plough-damaged cremation burials, probably of a broadly contemporary date. There were also a small number of isolated pits, likely also dating to the same period, including one with a high number of sea shells within the fill. These are likely to be associated with activity on the edge of a Romano-British farmstead which had previously been identified to the south of the excavated area.

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