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CARD Fund counter
The Community Archaeology Radiocarbon Dating ‘CARD’ Fund

We established and fund the Community Archaeology Radiocarbon Dating (CARD) fund in partnership with the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre (SUERC). The fund is designed to plug the gap which has existed for some time in providing radiocarbon dates for community archaeology projects across Great Britain. We are aiming to fund 100 radiocarbon dates in the first phase of the project, and you can see that we’re well on the way, as the ‘thermometer’ adjacent shows. The fund is open to community projects based on an annual round of applications. The closing date each year for applications is strictly 30th November and the successful applications are decided upon and informed to the applicants before the 31st December of that year. The samples are requested to be sent to us and once checked by our specialists are then sent on to the radiocarbon laboratory (SUERC) where the dating is undertaken. When we receive the dating certificate through we send that on to the applicant together with information explaining how to quote and use the date/s received. All of the information is available on our CARD fund website and applications are made via the on-line application form. We aim to fund a total of ten or more dates each year.

So far, to-date, we have funded a total of 63 dates. Keep an eye on our counter, opposite, to see when we reach our initial target of 100 dates!

‘By commissioning ARS Ltd you are directly supporting community archaeology across the UK’

At ARS Ltd we are more than archaeologists, we are also experienced business people who seek to add value to our clients’ projects. As a successful company we pride ourselves on our joined-up professional service, our record of delivery and the trusting relationships we build with our clients. We are committed to enabling development and adding value to our clients’ projects and businesses, and you can rely on us to strengthen your supply chain environmental credentials and deliver significant additions to your sustainability record.

Our greatest strength is our team of dedicated professionals. If you would like to develop your career in archaeology, grow to be the best you can be, and have what it takes to be part of our high-performing team, then we’d love to hear from you.

We consistently add value to our clients’ businesses, alongside delivering benefits to wider society.

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Some of our specialist services

Drone archaeology (aka UAV remote sensing)

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Geochemical survey and analysis

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